Important Withdrawal Information

(The information below pertains to FULL Withdrawal from the University. Course charges are based on the student's total classes registered as of the end of the Add/Drop period. There are no refunds for course withdrawals after the end of the Add/Drop period EXCEPT in the case where a student completely withdraws from the University.)

To begin the withdrawal process you MUST contact an Enrollment Services Center representative, who will assist you in the withdrawal process.

Enrollment Services Center, Lohr Hall - 828.328.7300 Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00

Financial Aid Implications:

Following Federal, State and University guidelines, after a student withdraws from Lenoir-Rhyne University, a fair and equitable refund will be calculated. However, the University must determine if any of the funds originally disbursed need to be returned to Title IV Federal Financial Aid programs (this includes federal student and parent loans), and what state and college funds must be reduced or returned. According to federal guidelines, a student is only eligible to receive the percentage of federal aid for which they attended classes. That is why it is very important to contact the Enrollment Services Center and complete the withdrawal process as soon as possible if you are considering withdrawal from the university.

The financial aid office will use your last date of class attendance to re-configure your award amounts. We will then send you a letter explaining the return of funds process, including an updated award letter showing what funds will remain credited to your account. In considering your decision to withdraw, please be aware of the approximate percentage of funds you will receive.

Business Office Implications:

Because of yearly institutional costs based on projected student enrollment, the Business Office Tuition Refund policy differs from the federal percentage calculation. In this case as well, please be aware of the refund schedule listed below in considering your decision to withdraw. Room charges are non-refundable and board charges are refunded on a prorated basis. Tuition refunds will be calculated as of the official date of withdrawal according to the following schedule:

100% During registration and the first week of classes
85% During the second week of classes
75% During the third week of classes
60% During the fourth week of classes
25% During the fifth week of classes
25% During the sixth week of classes
25% During the seventh week of classes
25% During the eighth week of classes
0% After the eighth week of classes

Additional Notes:

Once the financial aid calculations have been completed and appropriate aid has been returned, the business office will calculate your tuition refund (if applicable) and send you an updated bill. Because of the federal withdrawal process calculation we may have to return a portion or the full amount of your student and/or parent loans, and you will either need to set-up a payment plan with the business office, or visit the Alternative Loans link to the left to apply for an alternative loan to cover the balance. The post-withdrawal alternative loan process does not involve the Lenoir-Rhyne University financial aid office.

As you can see above, if at all possible, it is very important for you to continue to attend classes until ALL forms are completed and you are officially withdrawn. It is in your best interest to notify your professors, contact the Enrollment Services Center, and complete the withdrawal process as soon as possible.